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Mass Killing Database Reveals Chilling Reality of U.S. Violence

A new analysis shows that high-profile U.S. public shootings are only part of the larger problem of mass killings resulting from deaths by guns, knives, fires, vehicles and other weapons in public and in private, reports USA Today.

Cases in which someone shoots strangers in a public place usually get the most attention, but fatal public shootings are a small fraction of all mass killings. In fact, the rate of occurrence of fatal public shootings has remained relatively flat since the mid-2000s.

Mass shootings in which family members are targeted are twice as common as fatal public mass shootings in which strangers are killed.

Everytown for Gun Safety reports that nearly three in four children and teens killed in mass shootings over the past decade died in an incident connected to domestic violence. Guns surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of death for children and teenagers in 2020 and, when it comes to mass killings, most children die at home.

Non-gun-related deaths make up just under 20 percent of mass killings. White Americans make up the largest overall percentage, 46 percent, of mass killing victims and 36 percent of offenders.

White perpetrators commit more than half, 52.3 percent, of family mass killings and 54.4 percent of public mass killings. Black perpetrators commit 57.1 percent of felony mass killings, which are associated with criminal activity such as robbery, illicit drug trade or gang conflict, while Hispanic offenders commit 17.7 percent of them, both more than their population shares..

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