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Man shoved onto NYC subway tracks in unprovoked attack: cops

A 45-year-old man was shoved onto the tracks in a Bronx subway station in an unprovoked attack Wednesday morning, authorities said. 

The victim was standing on the southbound 1 train platform at the 231st Street station in Kingsbridge at around 7:30 a.m. when his attacker came up behind him and suddenly pushed him onto the tracks without warning, cops said. 

He was taken to North Central Bronx Hospital with a broken leg, police said.

The suspect, who appeared to be around 35 years old and wearing all black, fled after the attack. 

The victim was not struck by a train, and it was unclear whether one was oncoming at the time.

Straphangers at the station called for an increased police presence to stop the violence.

​​Michele Wilson, 49, who was commuting back home to Brooklyn, called the incident “very disturbing.”

“People have so much going on in their mind and they don’t know how to deal,” she said. “It’s really too much craziness … The city needs to do something about it. I’ve never seen one police officer patrolling this platform.”

Jencey Rodriguez, 24, who takes the train weekly, agreed. 

“It keeps happening a lot. It always sucks to hear that,” Rodriguez said. “I stay within arm’s length. There’s only so much you can do other than adding more cops on the subway station.”

Commuter Jangel Nuñez, 27, simply said, “We need more police. There isn’t enough police.”

But a male transit worker said he’s “personally not worried” about the random act of violence.

“It’s nothing new,” the employee said.

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