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Canada Announces Review of Pot Legalization

Canada, the first nation in the developed world to legalize recreational cannabis, has launched a review to assess the effect of legalization, Reuters reports. The use of marijuana for recreational purposes was legalized in 2018 by the Canadian parliament which also mandated a review.

The review will examine the impact of legalization on young people, the indigenous community, and on local economies—including whether it reduced illegal drug production and sales.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said the review also would look at complaints by the Cannabis industry about high taxes, sale limitations and advertising restrictions.

“We will strengthen the (Cannabis) Act so that it meets the needs of all Canadians while continuing to displace the illicit market,” Duclos said in a statement.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce said the findings would help facilitate growth of the legal cannabis sector.

“To effectively displace the illicit market and protect the public health and safety of all Canadians, law enforcement, businesses, industry and all levels of government will need to continue to work together,” the Canadian Chamber of Commerce National Cannabis Working Group said.

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