Bipartisan Gun Bill One Step Closer to Approval After Senate Vote

The Senate has agreed to take up a compromise bill whose enactment would break a years-long stalemate over federal legislation to address gun violence, bringing a bipartisan measure aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people one step closer to approval, reports the New York Times.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act would enhance background checks, giving authorities up to 10 business days to review the juvenile and mental health records of gun purchasers younger than 21, and direct millions toward helping states implement so-called red-flag laws.

The measure would also, for the first time, ensure that dating partners are included in a federal law that bars domestic abusers from purchasing firearms.

The vote margin indicated that the measure has more than enough support to scale the 60-vote threshold needed to break a Republican filibuster that has thwarted such legislation in the past and make it to final passage in the coming days.

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